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New Line

New Line

After careful research of the latest market trends, Busnelli International presents the “New Collection 2020”, a selection of products that reveal the company’s inclination to continuously experiment creativity as well as the designers’ projection to the future.
New items that give life to a trendy collection in nuances of greys, highly adaptable, revisited under many aspects to provide an even wider range of reconstituted veneers, products which recall natural shades, able to satisfy the most demanding customers and those who are constantly looking for innovation.
A full range of very versatile items, with essences and colour variants suitable to fully enhance any architectural, design, nautica and contract product.

  • NL 2020.01
  • NL 2020.02
  • NL 2020.03
  • NL 2020.04
  • NL 2020.05
  • NL 2020.06
  • NL 2020.07
  • NL 2020.08
  • NL 2020.09
  • NL 2020.10
  • NL 2020.11
  • NL 2020.12
  • NL 2020.14
  • NL 2020.15


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