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01 The vocation

The vocation and culture that have always characterised the company’s philosophy have led to the creation of an assortment of high-end products, characterised by a high quality and fine aesthetic properties, able to interpret the tastes and trends of the market and adapt in the best possible way to individual application requirements.

02 Busnelli International

Busnelli International’s vast and varied range of reconstituted veneers is the result of an in-depth knowledge and understanding of wood that allow the company to identify the very finest, rare and extremely exclusive exotic woods from around the world, carefully chosen using the expertise and experience it has gained over many years.

03 An experience

An experience that combines with a special attention to innovation, technical and aesthetic research and a creative flair in designing and producing new reconstituted veneer models that draw on new trends and fashions from Europe and the rest of the world, making it possible to experiment strong contemporary styles and new canons of modernity to be applied to the wood veneer sector for the furnishing industry.

04 A partner for businesses, designers and architects

In addition to its unparalleled competence in selecting and supplying the product best suited to every requirement, Busnelli International offers designers, architects and planners a valid support in the creation of bespoke, made-to-measure reconstituted veneers, thanks to the experience acquired over the years during the many projects conducted in the architecture and design field in partnership world-class professionals and companies.
Busnelli International