Reconstituted Veneer



Wood is a material rich in chromatic nuances. Its colours and the alternation of veins make it the most attractive natural material par excellence. Wood communicates warmth, relaxation, essentiality, quality and sustainability.
Our reconstituted veneers recreate shades and nuances from the most classic and traditional to the most modern and imaginative. The shapes created by the interweaving and the alternation of colours give rise to an infinite range of constantly evolving finishes.
Thanks to reconstituted veneers we can guarantee the repeatability and continuity of the textures for large supplies and industrial production.

Reconstituted multi-layer veneer made using real natural Ayous, Poplar and other woods, stained with acid dyes in aqueous solutions and reconstituted using ureic resins with a low formaldehyde content, in compliance with applicable international regulations.
Busnelli International’s collection of reconstituted multi-laminar (reconstructed veneers) veneers include a vast and structured selection of products developed for the furniture, architecture and interior design industries, chosen to offer the finest continuative woods or the most trendy of essences and provide the very best assistance for all applications and outstanding value for money.
Busnelli International
All the reconstituted veneers multi-laminar (reconstructed veneers) manufactured and marketed by Busnelli International are made exclusively of natural real wood and are certified to guarantee high quality standards, in full compliance with international regulations on environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Reconstituted Veneer 1Reconstituted Veneer 1
  • Reconstituted Veneer 2Reconstituted Veneer 2
  • Reconstituted Veneer 3Reconstituted Veneer 3
  • Reconstituted Veneer 4Reconstituted Veneer 4
  • Reconstituted Veneer 5Reconstituted Veneer 5
  • Reconstituted Veneer 6Reconstituted Veneer 6
  • Reconstituted Veneer 8Reconstituted Veneer 8
  • Reconstituted Veneer 9Reconstituted Veneer 9
  • Reconstituted Veneer 10Reconstituted Veneer 10


standard: 0,50 / 0,60 mm.
on request: from 0,4 to 2,8 mm.


2200 / 2500 / 2800 / 3100 mm.


Wood: 90/92 %
Adhesive : 8 % circa
Additives : max 2 %


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