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Know How

The only source of knowledge is experience.


01 The company’s

The company’s commercial strength has translated into an ability to anticipate its clients’ needs, by proposing the qualitatively most suitable products and maintaining adequate stocks, to allow very fast turnaround times and efficient order management and processing techniques, through a comprehensive network of agents and dealers.

02 Professional Flair, Quality and Innovation

Thanks to the professional expertise gained over the years, the constant innovations in the raw materials machining processes and the privileged sales agreements with its suppliers, Busnelli International is able to guarantee products with high quality standards and to rationalise procurement strategies and plans, restricting expenditure and consequently optimising the value for money of its products.

03 Years of experience

Years of experience in close contact with the world’s best furniture and design companies have allowed the company to constantly improve its know-how by receiving productive new stimuli and inspiration for the ongoing innovation of its products and the development of new product lines.

04 ISO 9001

Busnelli International is ISO 9001 certified.
Our production process and all our activities are subject to cyclical quality control, ensuring that the satisfaction of every single customer is at the heart of our work.
Download our certification here.
Busnelli International