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About Us

About Us


Busnelli International is a company that has many years of experience in the supply and marketing of real wood reconstituted veneer. The company for years is part of a worldwide market with collections that redesign new roles, uses and horizons for wood, result of constant research into style and deep experience gained in over 70 years of activity in the sector.


The constant focus on research and technological innovation has allowed Busnelli International to introduce on the market the reconstituted veneer. The collections of reconstituted veneers manufactured and distributed by Busnelli International are a wide selection of the best essences, the most requested and used, divided into categories to offer a quick reference tool and identification of the most suitable choice for every specific project. From the most classic and traditional essences which reproduce faithfully the appearance of various existing woods in nature, inedited textures dedicated to modern designs inspired by contemporary design concept, the Busnelli International collections represent an added value in the context of furniture, architecture and contract.


The Parallel Life

Our company was founded in Meda, the town par excellence of wood furniture. Those who were born and live here know and are certain that with wood “everything can be done”. Our products are proof of this: thanks to the reconstituted veneers we give a new life, or rather, a life parallel to wood. Real wood is our starting point, a material that lends itself to the most varied processes. It is transformed, adapted, recreated and reinvented. It is the material that we still find a lot today in everyday objects (fancy goods and accessories), in architecture, in the nautical sector and especially in interior decoration. Thanks to our wide range of pre-composed multilaminar veneers, natural veneers, baseboards, planks and solid wood blocks, we are able to fully satisfy the furnishing and contract sector.


Busnelli International is the perfect partner with whom to create…


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Busnelli International is the ideal partner to create unique products…


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Busnelli reconstituted veneers are the perfect solution for original and unique creations. We offer…


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Busnelli International has been working side by side with designers, designers and interior decorators …


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World Wide Wood

Made in Italy is renowned and sought after all over the world. The Italian taste, experience, creativity and uniqueness in the field of wood furniture have secured Italy as a reference point for supplies concerning interior design and furnishing. Our company operates internationally, directly and through a well-distributed resale network all over the world. Our products are constantly updated and evolving to meet the most complex requirements of the design and contract world. Our skills and professionalism allow us to offer the best solutions in terms of quality, costs and timing that are necessary especially in the contract sector and large supplies.


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Over The Limits

We have always been committed to offering our customers new and innovative materials. The experience gained in more than 70 years of activity allows us to be the reference point for many companies in Italy and worldwide. In addition to the wide variety of woods and finishes that we boast in our catalogue, we are able to manage from the smallest to the largest supplies of custom and customized materials. We collaborate with architects and designers of international fame with whom we study and create lines of products which are always at the forefront.


Busnelli International is certified FSC®.The FSC® is international recognized and guarantees...

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The vocation and culture that have always characterised the company's philosophyhave led to the creation...

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Know How

The company's commercial strength has translated into an ability to anticipate its clients' needs, by proposing...

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