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    Only Wood | Only News

    Alessandro and Alberto Busnelli CEO Busnelli International, present the New Collection Only Wood | only News.
    A collection of reconstituted veneer that represent a real evolution of the Natural Wood. Busnelli International operates in the world of architecture, design, fashion and hospitality, collaborating with architects and designers.
    The company in recent years has established itself internationally in the supply of materials for contract hotel, automotive, yacht design and showroom design for the best fashion brands.
    Only Wood | Only News Collection is result of the creativity of the Busnelli International and Alessia Galimberti | Art Director.
    The Collection is a combination of industrial capacity and technology, moreover presents a sophisticated design.
    Meregalli Merlo Associated Architects, Luca De Nova and students of the Institute of Education ENAIP (through a stage of 60 hours led by Alessia Galimberti and the Company Busnelli International), designed the Collection.

    Texture Cortex | design Alessia Galimberti

    Texture Peak | design Luca De Nova

    Texture Camouflage | design Meregalli Merlo Architetti Associati

    Texture Line | design ENAIP